Install Armor Plating for Your Home

Install Armor Plating for Your Home

Speak with a roofing contractor about a metal roof

Dramatic weather changes in Indiana can bring searing temperatures one day and blizzard-like conditions the next. Is your roofing able to handle anything thrown at it? Hire Willis Construction LLC for a metal roof installation.

Trust a licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor with quality installation. Call 812-204-2181 today for a metal roof installation service in Cynthiana or Evansville, IN.

3 important advantages of metal roofing

While shingles are the most popular roofing material, metal can benefit the average homeowner with number of advantages, including:

  1. Longevity- metal roofs can last anywhere from 40-70 years, which far surpasses other common roofing materials.
  2. Durability- metal roofing is one of the strongest possible options, able to withstand 140 mph winds, corrosion and temperature changes.
  3. Energy efficiency- superior insulation could potentially reduce your cooling costs by 10-25%.

For a higher initial installation cost, your metal roofing will require few repairs and last decades. Contact Willis Construction today for a metal roof installation 812-204-2181.